Statement from the Rector about the accident

Kvinne rektor med alvorlig ansiktsuttrykk - i bakgrunn universitetscampus. Foto
Statement from the Rector about the accident
– Our deepest condolences go to family, friends, fellow students, and employees at Nord University and at his university in the Netherlands, says rector Hanne Solheim Hansen.

At the request of the family, the name of the student has not been disclosed publicly.

It is with great sadness that Nord University has received the message that the young student, who was an exchange student at our university, is confirmed deceased.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, fellow students, staff and other relatives, both in Norway and in the Netherlands. We send warm thoughts to our colleagues at his university who have lost one of their beloved students.

I understand that the search for our student has taken place in very demanding terrain and under difficult conditions. We are grateful for the efforts made by the police, the main rescue centre, the alpine rescue group, the dog teams, and the security personnel, along with volunteers from the Red Cross and the Norwegian People's Aid.

Knowing that many experienced rescuers have been in the mountains searching for him has meant so much to us. In grief and in chaos, it has been comforting to know that the best people are doing everything they can to find our student.

I would also like to thank Studentinord, the crisis team at Bodø Municipality and staff at the university for the arrangements, follow-up and care. Again: Many heartfelt thanks for the great effort to everyone who has contributed.

The last few days have been hard. It has been comforting and at the same time a burden that we have been able to look towards the Børvasstindan mountains and the search area in Åselidalen from the university. It has been comforting because we have been able to feel a presence in the search. It has been a burden because the mountains have constantly reminded us of the situation. One of the others in the hiking group mentioned that the destination was chosen precisely because these are some of the most powerful mountains we can see from the university.

Our most important priority in this difficult time has been and still is to take care of our students and staff affected by the tragic accident. Everyone who wishes to gather and talk will have the opportunity to use the meeting places provided earlier.

We have arranged for meeting places for students and staff who want to be together and have someone to talk to. On Thursday 18 April, a memorial service will be held on the campus in Bodø.