Strategy 2030

Nord University will contribute to sustainable development and value creation through research, education, cooperation with society and business, and as a member of the international academic community.

We will create new knowledge, educate people who will rise to the challenges of their era, and be a driving force for innovation and democratic development.

Nord University's relevance​

​Nord​​ University will meet global challenges with new knowledge, grounded in the nature and people of our region. The High North is Norway’s most important strategic region. Nord University will strengthen social and economic research related to the High North. 

Nordland and Trøndelag counties are rich in natural resources and representant signifi cant potential for sustainable value and job creation. Nord University will contribute to the development of research and education, particularly within the biosciences, business, social sciences, health sciences, educational science and professional science. 

Nord University is located in Sámeednam/Saepmie and is responsible for research and development within Lule and South Saami languages and culture. Nord will strengthen Saami educational programmes, and increase the scope of multidisciplinary Saami research.

​​​Value statement

Nord University will be characterised by the quality of its research and education and by its connectedness: between students and staff, between educational programmes and working life, between research and society. Our students and staff are our most important resources. 

The educational and working environment at Nord University will be founded on participation, respect and inclusion. Nord University will continue to develop the principles of academic freedom, equality and diversity, high ethical standards and institutional autonomy, through good leadership, collegiality and social responsibility at all levels of the organization. 

Nord University’s core values are: 

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Connectedness
  • ​Creativity

​Strategic core

Nord University’s academic profile will build on our strategic core areas within education and research that incorporate regional advantages and demands as well as national strategies, and which reinforce the university’s doctoral programmes. 

  • Nord University will be a driving force within green change, through research and education within blue and green growth. Green transformation of society and business demands new knowledge and methods for managing, cultivating and extracting natural resources. Nord University is located in a region rich in natural resources, signifi cant primary industry and future-oriented business and industry. Nord University will prioritize development of new knowledge about nature, biotechnology, value creation and circular economies. 

  • Nord University will be a visible force for innovation and entrepreneurship through its strengthening of research and development collaboration with society, business and industry in our region. Nord University’s students will acquire the necessary expertise to develop and initiate future-oriented solutions within working life, through cutting-edge and digital learning methods, and by promoting innovation expertise.

  • Nord University will further develop professional educational programmes and professional occupations through research and education. There is high demand for skilled candidates within the health, welfare and education sectors. In particular, Nord University will reinforce research within the health sciences, health, social and welfare services, and schools and education. Nord University will work closely with each sector in order to deliver highly relevant research and education, and to increase the quality and capacity of work placement for students. 

  • By developing knowledge about risk and vulnerability, Nord University will contribute to creating a safe, democratic society that promotes robust social and economic development. Growing activity and value creation in our region increase demand for knowledge about sustainable development and cooperation with our neighbour states. Nord University will strengthen research within risk assessment, emergency preparedness and international development. With a basis in our geographical location, we will foster academic collaboration that strengthens emergency preparedness. 

Strategic Objectives for Nord University’s Core Areas 

​​We will achieve our core objectives through strengthening Nord University's research and creative development work, educational programmes, collaboration and organisation: 

Nord University will strenghten research and creative development work by: 

  • ​Realising core areas in internationally recognised research groups. 
  • Strengthening existing doctoral programmes and founding new doctoral education. 
  • Systematic and goal-oriented recruitment and development of research talent. 
  • Increased participation in international research projects and creative development work. 

Nord University will strengthen educational programmes by: 

  • ​Facilitating the systematic involvement of students in research.
  • Educating candidates who are academically robust, critical and ethically aware, with field-specific expertise in knowledge-based change.
  • Increasing the degree of multidisciplinary cooperation within core areas.
  • Creating international, creative and inspiring educational communities, which contribute to cooperation with society, business and industry.
  • Increasing access to higher education through the development of flexible and digital learning solutions as well as continued and further education based on labour markets and demand. 

Nord University will strengthen cooperation with society, business and industry by: 

  • ​Participating in open, democratic knowledge creation and innovation.
  • Contributing knowledge to the public debate.
  • Working to increase public confi dence in scientific methods and research results.
  • Innovating, investing in and commercialising research results with partners in society, business and industry.

Nord University will develop as an organisation through:

  • ​Sustainable use of resources, which ensures room for strategic action and renewal. 
  • Increased internationalization through student and staff mobility. 
  • Attractive campuses with internationally-oriented, lively, inclusive and diverse working and educational environments. 
  • Development of digital infrastructure that raises the quality of research, education and administration. 
  • ​Robust systems for systematic quality assurance.