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Nord University is committed to advancing knowledge through research and development that is pertinent to our region, Norway, and the global community.

Nord University should be characterized by the quality of its research and education and by its connectedness: between students and staff, between educational programmes and working life, between research and society.

The university actively confronts significant societal challenges and relies on highly skilled employees to provide innovative solutions.

Our work environment is designed to foster employee participation and is perceived as respectful and inclusive.

Our core values: respect, transparency, connectedness and creativity.

Employee benefits at Nord University

  • Join the Corporate sports team ( B.I.L. )! We are dedicated to fostering a culture of health andOur Corporate Sports Team orchestrates a variety of activities designed for our members.

    Exercise during working hours

    All employees can spend one hour per week exercising during working hours.

    Member discounts

    We have agreements with fitness centres at most of our campuses. As a member of the Corporate sport team you are eligible for reimbursement of your training fee when exercisinng regularly over a period of time.

    To become a member of the Corporate Sports team (B.I.L.) you have to pay a membership fee to Norway's Sports federation.

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    Bodø: Nord universitet B.I.L.

    Turlaget i Bodø: Turlaget ved Nord universitet, Bodø

    Topptur på ski i Bodø: Nord universitet BIL - Topptur på ski - Bodø

    Trøndelag: Nord universitet BIL Trøndelag

    Mo i Rana: Nord universitet B.I.L - Mo i Rana

    Nesna: Nord universitet BIL Nesna

  • Membership in the Government Pension Fund is available to employees working a minimum of 14 hours per week. A statutory subsidy, equivalent to 2% of the gross salary, is automatically deducted from the monthly salary.

    The Government Pension Fund offers attractive mortgage terms for its members.

    Members in the Goverment Pension Fund are insured if illness and injury, and offers attractive mortgage terms.

    The insurance- and compensation scheme includes group insurance- and work damage insurance, travel insurance and on field work, and also compansation for property damage.

    Read more about SPK membership benefits

  • All the campuses have welfare groups that organize and facilitate welfare activities, complementing the initiatives of the Corporate Sports Team. This concerted effort enhances and uplifts the working environment for our employees, fostering well-being, a healthy workplace atmosphere, and team camaraderie.

    Various events, such as summer parties, quiz nights, communal breakfasts, and Christmas celebrations, exemplify the diverse range of activities organized.

  • Basic collective agreement

    Nord University adheres to a local agreement derived from the basic collective agreement, outlining the collaborative framework between employers and employees. These agreements, whether at the governmental or local level, encompass regulations related to salary structures, working hours, vacation policies, leaves of absence, and pension schemes.

    Labor unions

    A substantial number of our employees are affiliated with labor unions through local branches such as Forskerforbundet, NTL, Parat, Norsk sykepleierforbund, Econa, and Utdanningsforbundet.

    These unions actively advocate for the interests of their members and serve as representatives in negotiations pertaining to wages and working conditions, aligning with the principles outlined in the basic collective agreement. Employees retain the freedom to choose the union that aligns with their preferences, including those not specifically represented at the University. Membership in these unions is voluntary.

    For further details, you can refer to the Government's basic collective agreement. Government's basic collective agreement at

  • Are you faculty staff and wish to develop your educational competence and supervision? Nord University offer the following University pedagogy courses:

    • Microped (8 h), Modul-based webinar accessible to all employees in both English and Norwegian

    • Miniped (40 h), 40-hour course in University Pedagogy, with limited spaces

    • Digiped (40 h), A practical course covering digital pedagogy and didactics, with limited spaces

    • Uniped (200 h), regitration via the Faculty,with limited spaces

    • PhD supervision course (approxiamately 120 hours), registration facilitated through the Faculty, with limited spaces
  • Campus Bodø

    If you require temporary housing in Bodø, the University offers six apartments and eight studio flats for rent. The typical rental period is two years, and the administration is handled by Studentinord. Housing rental requests can be submitted to Studentinord.

    Please specify in your request that you are a new employee and indicate your faculty/department of employment.

    Short-term rent at the other campuses

    Unfortunately, staff housing is not available at the campuses in Nesna, Mo i Rana, Vesterålen, Namsos, Steinkjer, Levanger, and Stjørdal. However, short-term rentals may still be possible through Studentinord, subject to the availability of student housing.

    Contact Studentinord at, or phone +47 476 20 800

  • Nord University is a proud member of the European University Alliance SEA-EU.

    As a Nord employee, you are encouraged to foster collaborations with relevant partners in education, research, innovation and other areas that contribute to the development of the University and the Work Packages within the Alliance.

    Employees can seek funding opportunities through various sources in SEA-EU and and apply grants from Erasmus+.

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