The degree Dr. Philos. (doctor philosophiae) is awarded to academics who have qualified themselves for a doctoral degree without formal supervision. The degree has no normalised timeframe and candidates do not have a relationship with the institut​ion prior to having their doctoral examination approved.

The Dr.philos course offers greater flexibility with no deadlines in the work on the thesis and is suitable for those who have a permanent job and work on research in their spare time and who have already progressed so far with their research that you apply for an assessment of the thesis within a short time.

The Dr.philos. degree is awarded on the basis of:

  • approved scientific thesis
  • approved trial lecture on a assigned topic
  • approved trial lecture on a subject of your choice
  • approved defense of the thesis in public defense.

The Dr. philos. degree is equal to the PhD degree in terms of academic level, quality and requirements for research competence. The thesis must be at the same academic level as a PhD thesis. The absence of a requirement for an approved training component must be compensated by the dissertation work being more extensive than that required in the organized doctoral programmes.

The PhD thesis is an independent and independent work, and the university therefore does not offer financial support, guidance or other formal assistance during the process. You have no formal connection to the university as a doctoral student until your application for a doctoral examination has been approved.

  • You must have a five-year master's degree or equivalent education. If you can document equivalent qualifications in other ways, the faculty can grant access to you for the Dr.philos.-examination. It is your responsibility to provide documentation of corresponding qualifications.

    The applicant must be a citizen of Norway or another Nordic country, or have a registered address in Norway. Other applicants may, after a reasoned application and special assessment, be given the opportunity to present themselves if the thesis meets one or more of these conditions:

    • Covers subjects or builds on material that has a direct connection to Norway.
    • Has a strong connection to Norwegian research within the subject area in question.
    • Has been carried out during a stay at a Norwegian university or research institution, or in close connection with or in close collaboration with Norwegian researchers.

    You are not given the right to sit for the test in a subject area where you  already has a doctorate from a Nordic accredited institution. Nor can the candidate withdraw from an organized doctoral program in order to present themselves for the Dr. philos. degree.

  • Before you may present yourself, you must have completed the Dr.philos. thesis.

    The application must contain a brief statement that the thesis has a topic that falls under one of the faculties' subject portfolios. The following documentation must be attached to the application:

    • The dissertation in digital format.
    • Documentation that includes diplomas and transcripts for previous education, possibly documentation of qualifications corresponding to higher education.
    • Documentation that the necessary ethical and other permissions have been obtained, where this is required.
    • Declarations of co-authorship where this is required in accordance with § 5-1, subsection 6.
    • Declaration as to whether the thesis is submitted for assessment for the first or second time.
    • Declaration that the thesis has not previously been submitted and/or assessed at another Norwegian or foreign institution
    • Overview of previous scientific works (the scientific works must be able to be presented on request)
    • Information on the handling of research data.

    For further information on the guidelines for the process and any right of appeal, see regulations on the degree Dr. philos. at Nord University.

  • For further information on the guidelines for the process and any right of appeal, see regulations on the degree Dr. philos. at Nord University.

  • All applications for assessment for the Dr.philos exam are sent to the Department of Research and Development (AFU), which is responsible for checking that the formal requirements and documentation have been met.

    The application and thesis are sent to the faculty with the relevant professional environment, which has professional responsibility and responsibility for further case management.

    Do you have questions about Dr.philos. you can contact AFU, who will forward the contact to the relevant professional environment.