Dr. Philos.

The Dr. Philos degree is awarded to academics who has qualified themselves for a doctoral degree on their own, without formal guidance. The degree has no time limit, and you have no association to the University until an application for having the thesis evaluated for the degree has been accepted.

​​​​​​To do this, you first need to finish a Dr. Philos. thesis. Then you deliver a finished copy of your dissertation and apply to get the dissertation assessed. If the application is approved, you will be registered as a doctoral candidate and an assessment committee will be appointed. 

When the Faculty has agreed to represent you, you must submit another five copies. If the dissertation is found worthy of public defense, the faculty will provide printing of the dissertation in the correct format and amount that is required. 

The PhD degree is awarded on the basis of:
  • An approved scientific dissertation 
  • Two approved trial lectures. One lecture on an assigned topic and the other one on a topic of your choice
  • A satisfactory public defense of the thesis (disputation) 
Please note that the PhD thesis is an independent work. The University does not offer financial support, supervision or other assistance along the way.

Applications delivered for assessment/Dr. Philos. test should be sent to: 

Tarjei Antonsen
+47 75 51 77 50​