User account and password

Your user account gives you access to all necessary services as a student at Nord University.
  • All students have received information in their allocation letters about how to activate their account.

    As a new student you have to start by activating your student account and create a password in the Self Service Portal:

    You cannot activate your account before you have accepted your offer. It may take up to 24 hours after you have accepted your offer until you may activate your account.

  • When your account is activated, you may log in. Use your password and your username to log in to our services. It may take up to 24 hours after your account is activate until you will be able to access your e-mail, Office package etc.

  • Feide stands for Felles Elektronisk Identitet. Feide is the system chosen by the Ministry of Education and Research for safe identification in the education sector. With Feide you only need one sign-in to be able to use different services.

    When you activate your account in the Self Service Portal, you will get access to Feide automatically.

    How do I use Feide?

    When a service requires Feide login, you will be asked automatically to log in with Feide. Remember to choose Nord University as your affiliation.

  • Your account and accesses at Nord University will be closed when you are no longer a student.

  • You can create a new password in the Self Service Portal.

    Remember to write your new password on all your devices, such as phone or tablet.

  • Your password has a limited life span of 200 days. You will get a reminder by SMS when you have to change it. We do recommend that you change your password more frequently, for both your own and for other people's safety.

    You can change your password in the Self Service Portal.