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Bachelor’s programme

Acting and Artistic Production 


Programme description

With Nord University’s international BA Acting and Artistic Production you can become a creative actor, ready to thrive professionally and respond to artistic challenges with vision and skill across a wide spectrum of the performing arts both nationally and internationally.

Get the training you need so you can take part in shaping the future of the artistic field and give voice to the stories that people need to hear. Discover your potential to grow your skills and vision in an arts education with particular focus on collaboration and ensemble work.  You will build first class professional practical skills and knowledge in acting, movement, voice, singing, music, dramaturgy, methods of creation, and creative projects in theatre, music, and film.

Become part of a faculty that has an international outlook in its teaching, and has links to performing arts schools, visiting teachers and professionals both nationally and internationally. You will be part of vibrant and growing community that see beyond national borders, work with diversity, and engage in artistic collaboration without frontiers. 

The heart of the program is driven by curiosity, openness and a desire to experiment through play. We encourage all students to apply who are highly motivated, independent, passionate, and committed to both acting and producing work that compels, inspires and challenges the public.

Applicants must pass an audition process before they can enter the education.

Career opportunities

The theater education educates professional actors. Emphasis is placed on the individual student's individual expression and uniqueness. For three years, students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of themes, inspirations and styles. This will be the start of developing the individual student's artistic signature, which is based on theatrical methods taught throughout the course of the education.

 The theater education educates professional actors. Many of our students have formed their own theater companies.

Former students from Nord University have performed on almost all stages of importance in Norway. Former students work or have worked at the National Theater, Trøndelag Theater and Hålogaland Theater, to name a few.

Former students also work with film and television, including in NRK. In the spring of 2015, our former students Stine Fevik and Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas were nominated for the Hedda Prize and the Amanda Prize, respectively.

The study is a performing arts education, and is exempt from the requirement for general study competence. Admission takes place on the basis of a passing entrance examination (See Regulations on admission to higher education § 3-6.

Quotas between men and women are used as a basis.

All exams in the first year of study must be passed to advance to the second year of study.

The education works in close relation to the international theater environment. In the third year, a study trip can be completed abroad
The program qualifies for admission to the art master's nationally and internationally.


The student:

  • has a broad practical knowledge of acting and artistic production.
  • knows how to adapt their knowledge and skills to diverse artistic work. 
  • has a broad knowledge of their subject’s traditions, methods and place in society and knows how to make informed choices about their work.
  • knows how to relate their subject to a wider cultural, social, and political context, and can see how this relates to their professional work.
  • knows how to update knowledge of the subject and to keep growing as an actor and artist.
  • knows about artistic research and creation in acting and artistic production.


The student:

  • can master the skills required to work as an actor at a high international level in theatre, film, TV, and other media.
  • can apply acting, vocal, movement and musical skills in artistic work.
  • can apply their knowledge to make acting and/or artistic choices for different artistic work.
  • can research, develop, and employ different styles, and different interpretive and creative methods in producing artistic work.
  • can apply their embodied knowledge of interpreting texts to make justified and compelling acting choices.
  • can use their knowledge of workplace ethics to work professionally, and also work safely with intimacy and contribute to a safe working environment.


The student:

  • can perform as an actor in a professional production with a competent level of creative autonomy.
  • can make creative propositions in artistic work, both individually and in a group.
  • can exchange and collaborate with colleges in the field to create compelling and thought-provoking artistic work.
  • can identify their own strengths and weakness and make informed decisions about how to continue growing as a creative actor and artist throughout their professional life.
  • can apply their understanding of work ethics to collaborate on artistic projects and advance good practice in a constantly evolving professional field. .
  • can imagine, research, plan and accomplish artistic projects, both individually and in a group.
  • can exchange and collaborate with partners in the professional field and has an awareness of contemporary practice in artistic research and performance.
  • can use their knowledge of the professional field to be able to manage and plan career choices.

It is assumed that the students have their own laptop. If there is a need for digital communication in the study, webcam and headphones are included as part of standard accessories. The students must cover the costs of this themselves.

For each semester there is a material fee of 1000 NOK.