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Master programme (2 years)

Nordic Master in Sustainable Production and Utilisation of Marine Bioresources


Programme description

MAR-BIO is a research-based Master's programme combining competence from different Nordic countries to educate next-generation professionals within the area of blue growth and marine circular economy.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the students gain insight into the interaction between Fisheries, Aquaculture, Environment, Law, Management, Production and Utilisation of Marine Bio-resources. The programme builds on expertise in these areas of the Nordic countries

Career opportunities

The mandatory course will prepare  the students to a wide range of employment  opportunities, as a PhD student or in industry, in the field of circular bioeconomy and blue growth.

Depending on the master's thesis profile, candidates will be well qualified for positions in relevant business sectors such as Aquaculture, Fisheries, further development and production of marine food, utilization of waste bi-products, Biological Consultancy, Municipal Planning, municipal and state management of environment, nature and aquaculture resources, as well as the development of coastal communities.

Student exchange

The students enrolled in the programme will do a minimum of 30 credit exchange to one of the partner universities; University of Gothenburg or Holar University College.

Following further studies

Further education will depend on background also from the bachelor's degree. Assuming biological background from a bachelor's degree and completed MAR-BIO, the candidate will be able to proceed with a PhD in Aquatic Biosciences at Nord University, or equivalent PhD degrees at the University of Gothenburg. Candidates with a Social Sciences background on their bachelor's degree will, after completing MAR-BIO, also qualify for doctoral degrees at other institutions in Norway or abroad.

Admission requirements are:

• Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) within bioscience or social science, including socio economy

• Average grade of C or better (laudabilis) in the Bachelor’s degree.

• A motivation letter must be uploaded to the application portal within the specified deadline.

For applicants outside the Nordic countries, applicants are asked to document proficiency in English language.

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Applicants are ranked by:

1. Motivational letter

2. Grades of the Bachelor’s degree

Applicants will be ranked by their motivation letters. The applicant’s motivation for the study, and his/her motivation for the idea of travelling between the partner universities, as well as his/her academic background and future career plans will be emphasized.

Applicants apply to the preferred university. It’s possible to apply to more than one.