How to apply

There are diffe​rent admission requirements depending on which country you have your educational background from. Please find more information regarding admission and documentation requirements below.


Tuition fees at Nord University

The Norwegian government has proposed the introduction of tuition fees for students from countries outside the EU/EEA/EFTA, beginning in the 2023 fall semester. This does not apply to exchange students from partner universities, or to students from the EU/EEA/EFTA.
Until further notice, applicants from countries outside the EU/EEA/EFTA applying for a degree at Nord U​niversity starting in 2023 must be prepared to pay tuition fees. 

​More information will be provided once it is available.


​​Application period

Non-EU/EEA/EFTA: November 1 - December 1 
EU/EEA/EFTA: February 1 - April 15 ​​

Non-EU/EEA/EFTA applicants are applicants who do not have citizenship or a permanent residence permit in a country in the EU/EEA/EFTA.

EU/EEA/EFTA applicants are applicants with citizenship or a permanent residence permit in a country in the EU/EEA/EFTA. 
Documentation deadlines​

Non-EU/EEA/EFTA: December 1

 applicants must meet the admission requirements prior to applying.

EU/EEA/EFTA: April 15​​

Exception: For EU/EEA/EFTA applicants that finish secondary school or higher education this spring semester, the deadline for uploading educational documentation is July 1 2023.​

The deadlines​ ​are absolute. We do not accept applications or documentation after the given deadlines.
 Applications without documentation ​will not be assessed. 

​​Results of admission
Non EU/EEA/EFTA: April 
EU/EEA/EFTA: E​arly July

Need help?

Contact the Admissions Office

+ 47 75 51 76 99 
Monday - Friday ​12:00-14:00​