Bachelor’s programme

Real Estate and Market Analysis


Programme description

The real estate study programme provides candidates with a professional education qualifying for work as an estate agent. The programme offers in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations relating to the purchase and sale of properties, document management, accounting, and settlement.

Career opportunities

With a bachelor's degree in real estate, students can work as assistants in a real estate company. After two years' practice, candidates can apply to become a real estate agent. This means that the candidate is responsible for brokerage commissions, can start his/her own real estate business or work as a professional leader in the field of real estate.

Candidates are also eligible for other positions in business and public administration. This applies primarily to areas related to the development, management or marketing of properties, but also to other positions in finance and accounting, business development, financial consulting, marketing and other administrative functions.

Opptak på bakgrunn av realkompetanse etter gjeldende regler. For dette programmet kreves matematikk og engelsk på GSK-nivå i tilegg til realkompetanse med relevant yrkeserfaring. Kontakt studieveilederen for mer informasjon om opptak på bakgrunn av realkompetanse.

Have you considered the possibility of going abroad during your studies?

It is possible to go on an exchange semester during the second year of study if the partner institution offers courses that can replace the compulsory courses in the exchangesemester at Nord. It is also possible to take credits at a summer school that can replace a course. The bachelor's degree is largely aimed at Norwegian conditions with several courses related to Norwegian laws and regulations. This limits the options for exchange.

You can find more information about the exchange here.

Bachelor degree candidates are eligible to apply for master's degrees in economics, amongst other things, both in Norway and abroad. Bodø Graduate School of Business has extensive collaboration with a number of institutions abroad where our candidates are welcome to study. At Bodø Graduate School of Business students have the opportunity to continue for two years at master level attaining the title of Master of Science in Business

Upon successful completion of this programme, the candidate shall:


  • Have knowledge of laws, regulations and best praxis for real estate agents related to purchase and sale of properties as well as document handling, accounting, settlement, taxes and duties.
  • Have thorough knowledge of key themes, theories, issues, processes, tools and methods in business accounting and administration, social economics and methodology.
  • Have knowledge of key themes in ethics, philosophy and legal methodology.
  • Have knowledge of research and development in various subject areas
  • Have knowledge of the history and traditions of business and management
  • Have knowledge of starting a company, new economic trends and innovation systems.


  • Be able to make strategic and professional assessments in consulting and marketing situations
  • Be able to develop good routines and internal control systems for the different parts of a real estate agent job assignment
  • Be able to assess operations as well as socio-economic, human, legal, ethical and environmental consequences of decisions and actions
  • Be able to make economic and managerial choices based on limited resources so as to meet the organisation¿s goals in the best possible way
  • Be able to apply professional knowledge and relevant results from R&D work to practical and theoretical issues and make informed choices
  • Be able to reflect on his or her own professional work and adjust this under supervision
  • Be able to locate, assess and refer to information and academic material as well as present this in a way that informs an issues
  • Be able to use ICT and relevant software to solve various professional issues

General competence

  • Be able to plan and conduct varied work assignments and project spanning across time, both alone and as participant in a group, in accordance with ethical requirements and guidelines
  • Be able to communicate key professional material such as theories, issues and solutions both in writing, orally and through other forms of expression
  • Be able to exchange views and experiences with others in the field and through this identify opportunities and challenges related to praxis
  • Has knowledge of innovation and innovation processes
  • Masters relevant professional tools, techniques and expressions
No tuition fees. Costs for semester registration and course literature apply. Beyond this, please refer to costs related to each course in the individual course descriptions.