Adventure Knowledge

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Autumn 2024 (1. semester)

Elective courses
10 sp
10 sp
The program is directed at international students who wish to learn about Northern Norway.The students participate in activities encouraging experience and learning. The learning outcomes through activities in different subjects as friluftsliv, outdoor activities, art, cultural heritage, history and experience-based pedagogy are articulated in essays and blog. The programme consists of three courses og 10 ECTS each. 
The learning outcomes are described in the specific course descriptions. However, all courses focus on the natural and cultural landscape of Nordland through friluftsliv-, art-, history and cultural heritage-experiences. The students will gain a consciousness and insight of the identity of people, the North-Norwegian society, and the nature people are adapting to.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

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Applicants who choose to take the entire programme are given priority over those who only apply for  a single course in the programme.

If the number of international applicants exceeds the number of places available, students from institutions holding a student exchange agreement with Nord University will be prioritized

The program is primarily designed for international students who want to learn about Northern Norway's culture and nature through various activities. The programme is suitable for anyone who works with people, for example in schools, in the tourism industry, the arts and culture sector and in public health.

Dates will be announced
The programme Adventure Knowledge is directed at foreign students. Norwegian students are also encouraged to join the study programme.

In addition to the semester fee and syllabus literature, students are required to have a laptop at their disposal. Students pay an own contribution for accomodation for each night for complulsory excursions. See separate course descriptions.

More information for students with citizenship outside te EU/ EEA and Switzerland:

The programme has a complex assessment consisting of compulsory participation, two assignments and a home exam. For more information, see the course descriptions.

The programme is evaluated via student questionnaire, as well as by the programme coordinator. The evaluations form a part of the university's quality assurance system.