Ansattbilde: Maria Nayr de Pinho Correia Ibrahim

Maria Nayr de Pinho Correia Ibrahim

Fakultet for lærerutdanning og kunst- og kulturfag
Bodø, Hovedbygning E306
Children's and youth literature, Children and youth, Early Childhood Education, Organized research training (doctoral programme), Primary and secondary school teacher education, Language didactics, Language and communication, English Language, Identity
Nayr Correia Ibrahim is Associate Professor of English Subject Pedagogy in the Department of English at Nord University. She has over 25 years of experience in English and bilingual education as teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer, manager and researcher. Originally from South Africa she has worked in Portugal, Cairo, Hong Kong and 20 years in Paris, where she headed the Young Learner and Bilingual Section at the British Council.
Her publication, Teaching children how to learn, Delta Publishing, with Gail Ellis, won an award at the 2016 ESU English Language Awards in the category, Resources for Teachers. She contributed to a project on the EU's policy on multilingualism, reviewing the Key Competencies for Life Long Learning, and was invited as Associate Partner for the ELL project, Inspiring language learning in the early years, at the ECML in Graz. Nayr is a member of the Nord Research Group for Children's Literature in ELT.
Nayr's interests include early language learning, bi/multilingualism, multiple literacies, language and identity, children's literature, learning to learn and children's voices.
2017 PhD (Trilingual, Triliteracy, Identity), University of Reading
2007 MA (TEFL), University of Reading
1992 CELTA, IH Lisbon
1987 BA (Honours) French and Portuguese Language and Literature
English 1A ENG1003 1-7 English Subject Pedagogy
English 1B ENG1004 1-7 English Subject Pedagogy
KfK SP160L 5-10 grades English Subject Pedagogy
ENG5002 1-10 grades Literacy, diversity and intercultural citizenship in the English language classroom
At the moment Nayr is researching visual and creative methodologies in researching and teaching multilngualism with children and teachers, using objects/artefacts, language maps, language silhouettes
Nayr is the local coordinator for the Erasmus+ project, ICEPELL, Intercultural Citizenship Education in Primary English Language Learning and is organising the ICEPELL Symposium 2021 on 7 & 8 June 2021.
Nayr is participating in the NOTED project ELLiL, English Language and Literature - In-depth Learning
Nayr is participating in the first part of the CANOPY project,
The Book Box : Anglais au Cycle 2 2010, Ibrahim, Nayr; Bertrand, Jo; Chrétien, Laurence; Héron, Laurent; Montage-Macaire, Dominic
Hullabaloo - Anglais Cycle 3 Niveau 2 2006, Ibrahim, Nayr; Héron, Laurent; Montage-Macaire, Dominic; Laurent, Célia; Ariés-Delage, Annie
Hullabaloo Cycle 3 Anglais Niveau 1 2005, Ibrahim, Nayr; Héron, Laurent; Laurent, Célia; Montage-Macaire, Dominic