Conference: War, literature, and the return of ideology

Conference: War, literature, and the return of ideology
The conference will discuss historical and contemporary perspectives on culture wars, the arts, and the vulnerability and resilience of democratic institutions.

The conference is arranged by the Words and Violence research consortium, cofounded by Nord University, The Norwegian Research Council and partners.

The conference encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration between intellectual historians, scholars of literature, philosophers and social scientists concerning the dynamics of rhetoric and political thought in modern society.


Joining the conference:

A limited number of places for non-presenters are available. If you wish to participate please contact by May 29 at the latest. Please make clear if you wish to stay overnight or just participate in daytime proceedings.


  • The fee for day visitors to the conference is 600 NOK per day. That includes conference lunch and servings of coffee/tea and cakes/snacks
  • Alternatively, you can spend the night at Kjerringøy Bryggehotell. If so, the cost is 1795 NOK per night, all inclusive
Disputas: Erik Bratland (dr.philos)
17.18. jun. 2024

Disputas: Erik Bratland (dr.philos)

Auditorium Elias Blix (A13), Bodø
Erik Bratland skal holde prøveforelesning og disputas for graden doctor philosophiae (dr.philos.) ved Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap, Nord universitet.
Disputas: Alina Kovalenko
18. juni 2024

Disputas: Alina Kovalenko

Nord universitet, Auditorium Petter Thomassen (A5)
Alina Kovalenko skal holde prøveforelesning og disputas for graden Philosophiae Doctor (ph.d.) ved Handelshøgskolen, Nord universitet, tirsdag 18. juni 2024.