Gry Agnete Alsos

Dean Nord University Business School
+47 75 51 76 51
Bodø, Hovedbygning A222

About me

I am a professor with a commitment to teaching, research and community building in innovation and entrepreneurship.
I currently serve as co-director of Engage – Centre for engaged education through entrepreneurship with responsibility for activities at Nord University and a Work Package.
I have academic expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation and related policy areas. I have studied business founding in agriculture, tourism and in high technology environments, and investigated conditions for innovation in small businesses, in larger companies and in the public sector. I have also been interested in role of gender in entrepreneurship and innovation in various contexts, and the role of gender in family businesses.
I have a background as a contract researcher at Nordland Research Institute for many years, where from 2007-2011 I was also CEO. I have been employed at the North University School of Business since 2011, where I have acted as vice-dean and program manager for the doctoral program in periods.
During my career, I have gained experience from a wide range of other small and large activities, such as a member of public committees (the Fagerberg Committee, the Ly Committee), board member/ leader in organisations for research institutes, board member in an investment fund and chair of some start-up companies.
Currently, I am a member of the board of the Arctic Philharmonic, deputy chair of the board of Nordland Research Institute and a deputy member of the Norwegian Regulatory Council (Regelrådet). In addition, I have international positions as a member of the executive committee of the Academy of Management's Entrepreneurship Division and as Country Vice President of Norway in the European Council of Small Business.


I teach at the master and PhD level , mainly in entrepreneurship and innovation. I also supervise master students and PhD candidates on their thesis work.

Trough the senter of excellence in education (SFU) Engage – Centre for engaged education through entrepreneurship we wok with developing education within and through entrepreneurship, including the development of new courses, educational methods and tools. We also conduct research about how various types of education works.


My research is mainly within entrepreneurship and innovation, including areas such as business establishment processes, effectuation, gender perspectives on entrepreneurship and innovation, incubators and government tools, as well as entrepreneurship education.

I am currently involved in the following research projects: