Open Access Fund

Nord University has an Open Access Fund to cover OA publication costs. The fund may cover costs to publish Open Access articles, monographs and edited volumes.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The OA Fund has got two sets of guidelines; one for funding the OA publication of journal articles and another for funding the OA publication of monographs and chapters in anthologies.

The main criteria for funding OA publication of journal articles​​

Complete guidelines for funding for OA publication of journal articles (PDF)

Another way to achieve open publishing is through national journal agreements; Nord's researchers can publish their articles Open Access in journals which are included in the agreements Nord University participates in. Read more about journal agreements​

The main criteria for funding to OA publication of monographs and chapters in anthologies

  • The applicant must be affiliated with Nord University and he/she must also be the corresponding author of the monograph / chapter in the edited volume or an editor of the edited volume
  • Funding is provided for publication in pure OA monographs or chapters in pure OA edited volumes only
  • The monograph/edited volume must be published with an open Creative Commons licence​
  • The publisher must be approved on level 1 or 2 in the channel register of the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir)
  • The publication (monograph or edited volume chapter) must be peer-reviewed

Please note: For edited volumes, funding is based on the proportion of chapters written by Nord researchers. 

Complete guidelines for funding of OA publication of monographs and chapters in edited volumes​ (PDF)

See also OA Books Toolkit​ for useful information on the entire OA book publishing process

How to apply for funding for OA publication of journal articles

Fill in the application form for journal articles within four weeks after your article has been published. We will provide you with more detailed information on payment options if/when your application is being granted.

Payment options: The easiest way to get your publishing costs covered is that the journal/publisher issues an invoice to Nord University. Remember that information on the invoice must be correct and complete to achieve quick processing. It is also possible to pay yourself and get a refund via DFØ but this might take longer to process. 

Detailed payment information (PDF)

How to apply for funding of OA publication of monographs and edited volumes

For monographs and (chapters in) edited volumes, a separate application form​ has been developed

For edited volumes, make sure to have a chapter overview (authors incl. their affiliations) and the contract / letter of intent available when starting to apply. The latter applies also to monographs. The contract (and potential additional documentation) is sent by e-mail to​​

​​When the publication is about to be invoiced, the author/editor is asked to contact​ to receive updated payment information. For edited volumes, the exact funding amount will be double-checked before payment (based on the proportion of Nord chapters).

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