A Glimpse into Arctic Congress Bodø 2024

Bodø i Nordland.

Scenic view of Bodø harbor in Nordland, Norway. Photo by RUBEN RAMOS on iStockphoto.

A Glimpse into Arctic Congress Bodø 2024
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In this newsletter, we are thrilled to share an exciting update about the Arctic Congress Bodø 2024, which combines three congresses - including High North Dialogue 2024. Recently we marked a significant milestone with the launch of the comprehensive program.

We will also delve into the enriching side events that complement the main congress themes, and spotlight the High North Dialogue Academy 2024.

In this edition you can read more about:

  • Arctic Congress Overview: Discover what makes the Arctic Congress Bodø 2024 a pivotal event in the Arctic calendar.
  • Exciting Side Events: Read about the side events, including the unique Ambassador Panel, fostering a deeper understanding of Arctic geopolitics.
  • Awards Reminders: Celebrate past achievements and learn about the upcoming opportunities to recognize excellence within the Arctic community.
  • High North Dialogue Academy 2024: Uncover the enriching experiences awaiting young leaders at this year’s Academy, designed to inspire and educate.

This Years Congress: A Celebration of Arctic Minds

Scheduled from May 29 to June 3 in Bodø, Norway, Arctic Congress Bodø 2024 is an unprecedented event, merging the High North Dialogue 2024, International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) XI and UArctic Congress 2024. Hosted by Nordland Research Institute and Nord University, this gathering is poised to be a pivotal event in the Arctic calendar, attracting up to 1,500 participants from around the globe.

Our collective effort to host a comprehensive and multidimensional event reflects a significant commitment to collaboration and sustainability as well as business and governance in the Arctic. The congress themes resonate with the priorities of Norway’s Arctic Council Chairship, emphasizing People of the NorthSustainable Economic DevelopmentClimate and Environment, and Oceans.

We invite all attendees to join us in recognizing the exceptional talents that drive forward the discourse and development of the Arctic.

Program Highlights

This year’s program, now available on our website, is a rich tapestry of scientific sessions, plenary panels, and cultural events, all aimed at fostering deep discussions on Arctic sustainability, cooperation, and development. With a strong focus on Indigenous perspectives, the congress will feature:

  • Scientific Sessions driven by cutting-edge research across a breadth of Arctic topics.
  • Plenary Panels, where Arctic ambassadors will converge to discuss strategic Arctic issues.
  • Cultural and Social Events designed to celebrate Arctic heritage and foster networking among attendees.

Project leader Benedikte Kosmo Underland, who is the project leader of High North Dialogue, is excited:

– We expect between 1,000 and 1,500 participants from Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia, Underland says.

Discover the Exciting Side Events

We're excited to spotlight our diverse lineup of side events. Some highlights include:

  • Ambassador Panel & Pubinar on Arctic Geopolitics: Engage with a unique mix of people discussing the Arctic's future, followed by an informal session on Arctic geopolitics at the local brewery Bådin.
  • High North Hero 2024 & Workforce Development: Celebrate the new High North Hero and explore strategies to strengthen Northern Norway's workforce.
  • High North Scenarios & Arctic Mayors Forum: Discover innovative visions for the High North's future and engage with Arctic leaders.
  • Arctic Encounter – Perspectives from Alaska & A Letter to Glaciers: Gain insights from the largest Arctic policy event in the U.S., and explore environmental awareness through the "Heidi’s Ice" documentary.
  • China in the Arctic & Norwegian-Icelandic Cooperation: Discuss the impact of external influences on Arctic governance and celebrate scientific cooperation between Norway and Iceland.
  • Bodø 2024 European Capital of Culture: Learn more about how Bodø will showcase Arctic culture and identity as the European Capital of Culture.

The Ambassadors Panel during Arctic Congress Bodø 2024: A Dialogue on the Arctic's Future

One of the cornerstone side events at Arctic Congress Bodø 2024 is the Ambassadors Panel, scheduled for May 30th. This distinguished panel brings together a dynamic group of ambassadors from both Arctic and non-Arctic countries for a forward-looking discussion on the future of the Arctic region.

Moderated by Arne O. Holm of High North News, the dialogue aims to bridge diverse geopolitical perspectives, offering attendees a unique chance to gain insights into the evolving international landscape of Arctic cooperation and diplomacy.

This session not only highlights the global importance of Arctic issues but also emphasizes the role of diplomatic engagement in shaping the region’s future trajectory.

Awards Reminders: Celebrating Excellence in the Arctic

We'd like to take the opportunity to remind of the impending deadlines for our prestigious awards. Nomination is still open and all are welcome to send nominees to candidates:

  • High North Hero 2024: Nomination period closing soon! Join us in celebrating those making significant Arctic impacts. Past heroes like Felix Tschudi and Diane Hirshberg have set the standard. Submit your nominations and help us honor this year's outstanding contributions!
  • High North Young Entrepreneur Award: This award shines a spotlight on the innovative spirit of young entrepreneurs in the Arctic. As the deadline approaches, we encourage young visionaries to step forward and share their projects with us.

High North Dialogue Academy 2024: Arctic Business Perspectives

The preliminary program is launched!

The High North Dialogue Academy is a one-week seminar for young, ambitious talents interested in the development and dynamics of Arctic societies.

This year’s title, «Arctic Business Perspectives,» will give the participants valuable insight to four main topics:

  • Culture
  • Industry
  • Indigenous and co-existence
  • Fish

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