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Animal Sciences - Welfare and Production


Programme description

Farming and livestock production faces significant and interesting challenges. Solid and relevant competence is very important to solve them. This programme is suited for persons who want to have a livestock-related job, either as an advisor, teacher and instructor, in livestock housing and production planning or in public administration. The programme is also suited for persons planning on keeping their own livestock animals.

Career opportunities

This programme qualifies candidates to hold positions on consultant and middle management levels in private as well as public organisations where theoretical competence as well as practical knowledge of livestock-related issues is required.

Student exchange

Would you like to spend a semester abroad at a foreign institution? For students of the study programme Animal Sciences - Welfare and Production it is advisable to go abroad in the fourth semester. Relevant exchange institutions can be found in Sweden (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), The Netherlands, and USA.

For more information on the process, you can contactJose de Pool, advisor for study exchange.

The world is yours to explore!

Following further studies

This programme qualifies candidates to apply for the MSc programme in Biosciences or Nordic Master in Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources at Nord University. For admission at MSc programme in Bioscience, an additional course in mathematics/statistics is required. The programme is also suited for those wanting to pursue relevant masters degrees at other institutions in Norway as well as abroad.
Higher education entrance qualification. Norwegian language proficiency. This programme is only taught in Norwegian. If you do not meet the Norwegian language proficiency requirements, you do not qualify for admission. View general admission and documentation requirements.