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Master’s programme (1-2 years)

MBA in Strategy and Management

Bodø, Stjørdal

Programme description

Today's society is characterized by rapid changes, changes in markets, politics, technology, and environment. The global challenges require new insights also nationally, regionally and locally. What consequences will this have for private and public enterprises? How should business and the public sector adapt - both to meet the challenges and the many opportunities the development brings with it? And not least; What are the requirements for strategy and management?

Strategy, management and changes forms the main pillars in this master’s programme, which is highly relevant both for those working in the business sector and the public sector.

MBA in Strategy and Management is a management education with a strategic change-perspective. In this hands-on study program, you will learn how to play an active role in the future-oriented development of a business. The study is session-based and adapted to people in full-time jobs. There are two sessions per course, and each session lasts two days.

Career opportunities

This career-developing education is relevant both for Norwegian and international working life. The "typical" MBA student is a manager in the public or private sector, or has a desire to be.

With an MBA in Strategy and Management, you are qualified for a wide range of management and strategic leadership jobs in public and private sector. With this degree, you will also be qualified to work with organizational development, or, for example, as project director, consultant or human resource manager. Several of those who have previously graduated from the MBA programme have since also obtained director positions.

Bachelor's degree or equivalent education of at least 180 credits.
At least two years of relevant professional experience in paid work.
Ranking of qualified applicants is in accordance withapplicable rules.

Read supplementary information about admission requirements, ranking and documentation.

The programme is designed for students who want part-time further education, alongside full-time work. Students who wish to go on exchange can apply for approval in the ordinary way. International guest lecturers and researchers will be present where relevant, and the international research front will be conveyed.
The MBA programme does not normally qualify students directly for admission to the doctoral programme (PhD) at Nord University Business School. Usually, further studies in this field will be required in order for candidates to be considered for admission to the PhD programme.


After completing the MBA in Strategy and Management;

  • the student has in-depth knowledge of important drivers related to the development of a globalized knowledge society
  • the student has in-depth knowledge in relation to strategic management decisions and consequences for the organization
  • the student has advanced knowledge in different parts of the field of strategic management
  • the student has in-depth knowledge in managing change processes, people and projects in organizations
  • the student has in-depth knowledge of international research and methods within its specialization
  • the student has in-depth knowledge of economic, social and environmental sustainability


After completing the MBA in Strategy and Management;

  • the student can master relevant professional tools and techniques
  • students can apply knowledge to make independent decisions
  • the student can work independently with practical and theoretical problem solving
  • the student can analyze existing international research and methods within their specialization

General competence

After completing the MBA in Strategy and Management;

  • the student can understand the importance of strategic leadership for society and a business
  • the student can participate in academically based discussions internationally within their research area
  • the student can carry out advanced strategic change projects in businesses
  • the student can convey their own professional assessments in the field of research
  • the student may use their knowledge to propose strategic changes in a business
No costs except semester fees and curriculum literature.