Engage - Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship

Engage is an interdisciplinary development and research environment for entrepreneurship as a method in university subjects. Engage has the status of a Centre for Excellent Education.

The centre is connected to the research division for innovation and entrepreneurship at Nord University Business School.

The centre is a partnership between Nord University Business School, NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, NTNU Experts in Teamwork and SPARK NTNU.

The world is constantly changing, with increasing pace and intensity. These changes have profound consequences for human life - for the climate and environment, technological opportunities, business practices, public policy, safety, education, and society as a whole.

This complex environment calls for citizens who have the ability to identify challenges, the will to act upon these challenges, the knowledge to acquire the resources and skills needed and the confidence to be the driving force for change, regardless of resistance. These people are the agents of change, the entrepreneurs, willing and able to make changes, engaging challenges with creativity and fearlessness.

The ambition of Engage is to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills at the higher education level to become change agents in all contexts.​

Head of centre: Iselin Kristine Mauseth Steira