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Master programme (5 years)

Business (Master of Science - 5 years)


Programme description

Do you have an entrepreneurial dream, or do you want to acquire the knowledge you may need as a leader? Want to learn more about how to develop good solutions that can drive businesses forward? Or do you envision an exciting career on the stock exchange, or in a multinational company? Then this is the study program for you.

The Business School’s attractive degree in business administration attracts students from the entire country, and has many international students. We educate change agents who can reflect and analyze, and use both digital and scientific tools to solve challenges. The study program is constantly being developed to adapt to society, business and students' needs. The candidates in this study, which is the Business School’s flagship, report that they are very satisfied with the education (The Student Barometer 2019). Since its establishment in the 1980s, the Business School has provided both Norwegian, national and international business with highly competent economists/”siviløkonomer”.

Career opportunities

The Business School’s Master of Business Administration degree is widely known and gives you a broad and applicable competence that gives you many job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Our former students work in everything from the banking and finance industry, in accounting and auditing, industry and energy, and in ministries or other public institutions. Several of them are in senior positions or work as consultants, supervisors, and advisors. Several of our former students have also, with great success, developed their own companies. Over the years, the Business School has educated several thousand economists (siviløkonomer), and many of them are currently in leading positions in both Norwegian and international companies.

Student exchange

Explore exchange opportunities in our study program and gain a unique global experience. Customize your academic journey by selecting destinations from our diverse network. Enrich your studies with cultural competence, forge international connections, and enhance your career prospects. One unique opportunity is available through our double degree program in collaboration with Nuremberg Technical University.

Your mobility window is during the fall of the 5th ot 9th semester, which is ideal for a full-semester study abroad experience. There will also be opportunities for shorter stays during your study period, such as summer schools. Visit the university’s website for more information or reach out to one of our academic advisors

Following further studies

Successful completion of this Master degree programme qualifies graduates to apply for admission to the PhD doctoral programme at University of Nordland or at other universities in Norway or abroad.
Higher Education Entrance Qualification Language requirement View general admission information View specific application deadlines Higher education entrance qualification Language proficiency View general admission and documentation requirements In addition to fulfilling the Higher Education Entrance Qualification, applicants must meet the special requirement of having passed Mathematics R1 or Mathematics (S1+S2) or the equivalent in order to be eligible for admission.

Knowledge and understanding Upon completion of the programme, the candidate should:

  • Have advanced knowledge in the field of business administration and specialized knowledge in a chosen major
  • Have a thorough knowledge of theories and methods within business administration
  • Be able to apply knowledge in new areas within business administration

Skills Upon completion, the candidate should:

  • Be able to analyze existing theories, methods and interpretations within the field of business administration and work independently on practical and theoretical problem-solving
  • Be able to interpret, critically assess and use appropriate methods in an independent manner
  • Be able to master the relevant research tools and techniques

General knowledge Upon completion, the candidate should:

  • Be able to apply his/her knowledge and skills in new areas to carry out advanced tasks and projects
  • Be able to communicate about academic issues, analysis and conclusions within the field of business administration, both for specialists and the general public.