Nord Summer School 2024

Are you interested in experiencing an international learning environment, growing your network and earning credits while enjoying an arctic summer in Norway? Look north and join Nord Summer School!

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Oversiktsbilde over Bodø by med hav og himmel. Foto.

About Nord Summer School

The Nord Summer School will take place on July 1-5, 2024 at campus Bodø.

Bodø is situated approximately 90 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and is home to Saltstraumen, the world's strongest maelstrom. From June 2 to July 10, the city experiences 24 hours of daylight, as the sun does not set. Additionally, in 2024, Bodø holds the distinction of being a European Capital of Culture.

What can I study?

You can choose from the following courses:

  • Embark on a transformative journey exploring the intricate balance between tourism, development, and preservation in Arctic coastal communities with our Sustainable Tourism Development course. Delve into the unique challenges and opportunities these Northern regions face, discovering innovative strategies to foster economic growth while safeguarding the delicate Arctic ecosystem and local communities. Engage with experts, case studies, and collaborative projects, gaining invaluable insights to shape a sustainable and regenerative future for tourism in these pristine, vulnerable landscapes.

    Lecturer: Hin Hoarau Heemstra
    Subject description for 2024/25

  • The field of work and health has been a growing over time. The course "Work and health" provides an understanding of the relationship between labour force participation and health, and the consequences of exclusion from labour market for individuals and society.

    Lecturer: Associate Professor Cathrine Fredriksen Moe

  • Do you want to experience arctic landscape and learn more about the health benefits of the human-nature connection? Surrounded by a breathtaking coastline and mountains, this course will also develop your appreciation of nature’s flora and fauna diversity and cycles as well as your outdoor skills such as hiking preparedness, fishing, and outdoor cooking and sleeping.

    Lecturer: Professor Ottar Bjerkeset

  • The overall goal of ecological economics is to promote individual and societal development within ecological boundaries. Knowledge of ecological economics creates new ways of understanding current economic, environmental, and social challenges faced by our society. In this course, students will be exposed to theories, methods, and practical examples from the field of ecological economics and will be able to carry out relevant applications of this knowledge on current topics relevant to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

    Lecturer: Associate Professor Amsale Temesgen.
    Subject description for 2024/25

  • The course Sustainable Blue Growth in the High North is connected to a project at Nord University through which the participation costs for five students can be covered. When you apply for the course Sustainable Blue Growth in the High North, you need to pay the registration fee of NOK 1000. When you have completed the course, you will be refunded NOK 1000 through the special funding scheme. The first five students who register for the course will be selected for this and reimbursed after the completion of the course Sustainable Blue Growth in the High North. In addition, accommodation (single room + breakfast) from Monday July 1 to Friday July 5 will also be arranged and covered by the university for the same five selected students. The university arranges the reservation of the rooms which are located in a hotel in Bodø city centre.

    The one-week intensive course uncovers a sustainable blue economy in the context of Northern Norway. The course is activity-based with company visits and field trips to provide insights into how regional marine and maritime-related industries achieve blue growth in balance with environmental sustainability and for the benefit of local communities.

    Lecturers: Associate Professor Olga Iermolenko and Elena Z. Sæther.
    Subject description for 2024/25

  • Swimming in the arctic ocean. Mountain hiking. What happens to the body when you train in extreme environments? How does the body react? What happens with the mind? How do we interact with the surrounding nature? Come to Arctic Norway to learn and explore. This course is for you who are interested in the more extreme side of the outdoors!

    Lecturer: Associate Professor Dagmar Dahl

Practical information

  • Bodø2024 is the largest cultural project in Norway in over 10 years, and the largest in Northern Norway ever. The purpose of the European Capital of Culture is to bring Europe’s population together – with culture as a tool. Read more about Bodø 2024.

    Bodø is located approximately 90 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and is home of Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom. From June 2 to July 10, there is 24 hours of daylight as the sun does not set.

    By joining Nord Summer School, you can combine studies and exploring the adventures of summer in Northern Norway.

    The city of Bodø is the capital of the county of Nordland. Here, you will experience a unique combination of culture and nature. On, you will find pictures, films and information about Bodø and the surrounding area, Salten.

    See also: City map of Bodø (Google maps).

    “Beyond its cultural accolades, Bodø is also the gateway to the ethereal Lofoten Islands. The dramatic landscape of fjords and jagged peaks makes it a perfect playground for adventurers and photographers alike, offering unforgettable, dramatic views.” Rosie Conroy

    Video: Let's meet in Bodø, by Visit Bodø.

  • All participants cover own travel and accomodation costs.

    The Summer School participation cost is NOK 1000. It covers teaching, grading ad participation (including excursions).

  • Registration opens on March 1, 2024. Please note that the number of spots is limited. We recommend that you sign up as soon as possible.

  • You are eligible if:

    1. You are enrolled as a student at one of the SEA-EU Alliance universities, which are:
    • University of Cadiz
    • University of Bretagne Occidentale
    • Kiel University
    • University of Gdańsk
    • University of Split
    • University of Malta
    • Parthenope University of Naples
    • University of Algarve


    1. If you are a student with an active study right at a university or university college in Norway.


    1. If you are a student with an active study right at a university in the US, Canada or EU/EEA with whom Nord University has an exchange agreement with.
  • We have an agreement with the following two hotels that reserve spaces for students:

    The special Summer School-price at Smarthotel Bodø is NOK 850/night including breakfast and taxes.

    When you register for Summer School, you will receive a code which you can use when reserving the room.

    You are of course free to choose your own accommodation, should you wish to do that.

  • You are welcome to send your questions to

    For students who receive support from Lånekassen in Norway: Information at

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Bodø is the European Capital of Culture 2024!

Let's meet in Bodø!


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